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New York Government Affairs:

Growing Businesses and Nonprofits

Making an impact in New York requires understanding and navigating state government, years of experience and a deep knowledge of the players and the government procurement process. DMGS professionals serve clients in a variety of government affairs, policy development and grassroots lobbying needs, from drafting legislation to public relations and crisis management to coalition building. With DMGS’ help, clients can achieve real success.

Industries DMGS Serves:

  • Nonprofit/cultural organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Energy
  • Government/quasi-government authorities
  • Trade organizations/associations
  • Professional sports organizations
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare

To achieve success, DMGS provides the following services to meet client needs:

  • Planning and implementing client-specific government affairs strategies
  • Providing access to key decision makers
  • Coalition-building with industry partners
  • Grassroots/grasstops lobbying
  • Drafting and passing legislation
  • Public relations/crisis management
  • State appropriations
  • Legislative and executive affairs tracking
  • Government procurement
  • Government agency-specific grant identification/writing
  • Monitoring legislative and executive actions
  • Testifying before legislative committees and regulatory hearings
  • Grant research and writing

Clients seeking to integrate public policy and public-sector procurement strategies into their overall business plans turn to DMGS professionals in New York and throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic for their experience, know-how and excellent client service.

New York Government Affairs

Service Contact:

Eric Martins

Service Expert:

John C. Zang