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Ohio Government Affairs:

Growing Ohio Businesses, Nonprofits and Communities

Locating public financing for startup costs, growth, research and development, or capital improvements is both difficult and competitive. Understanding and navigating government policy can be tedious and time-consuming. Integration in the government procurement process is something few companies ever master without expert help.

DMGS understands that accessing the right state funding programs, impacting policy and selling to the right state government agencies are important, yet complicated, business strategies. However, with millions of dollars spent by state government for goods and services every year, Ohio companies and organizations cannot afford to ignore these opportunities.

DMGS Ohio Government Affairs knows the Ohio state government and how it can work to help growing organizations, companies, nonprofits and communities. DMGS government affairs professionals in Ohio are experienced with working for and within Ohio’s public sector. They understand the importance of creating a solid foundation with Ohio’s public leaders and the value of fostering these relationships. The Ohio Government Affairs team is fluent in navigating an organization through public financing, the government procurement process, grant research and writing, and policy. The Ohio team can help devise a plan to maximize any organization’s relationship with the state government and its agencies.

DMGS’ Ohio Government Affairs experts provide the following services:

  • Comprehensive government affairs strategies
  • Grant identification and writing
  • Coalition-building with key legislators and industry partners
  • State appropriations funding
  • Government agency funding
  • Identification and monitoring of key policy shifts
  • Legislative and regulatory policy lobbying
  • Government procurement and marketing

The DMGS Ohio team enables a client’s growth by helping to create and implement innovative government affairs plans at the state level. With strong experience and knowledge-driven strategies, the DMGS team delivers tangible results in targeting and securing state dollars, authoring and impacting policy, affecting the business community and connecting organizations with the state government procurement process.

Ohio Government Affairs

Service Contact:

Kathleen DeLand

Service Expert:

John C. Zang