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Pennsylvania Government Affairs:

Growing Businesses and Nonprofits

Understanding and navigating the halls of state government can be tedious and time-consuming. Successful legislative strategies are based on knowing the players and having a seat at the table. Integration in the government procurement process is something few companies ever master without expert help. Finding public financing for startup costs, growth, research and development, or capital improvements is difficult and competitive.

DMGS Pennsylvania Government Affairs knows how to succeed in Harrisburg. Located throughout Pennsylvania, DMGS’ bipartisan team of government affairs professionals have decades of experience working in and for Pennsylvania’s public sector on a diverse array of issues.

Industries DMGS Serves:

  • Nonprofit/cultural organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Energy
  • Government/quasi-government authorities
  • Trade organizations/associations
  • Professional sports organizations
  • Law firms
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Gaming/equine
  • Healthcare

To achieve success, DMGS provides the following services to meet client needs:

  • Planning and implementing client-specific government affairs strategies
  • Providing access to key decision makers
  • Coalition-building with industry partners
  • Grassroots/grasstops lobbying
  • Drafting and passing legislation
  • Public relations/crisis management
  • State appropriations
  • Legislative and executive affairs tracking
  • Government procurement
  • Government agency-specific grant identification/writing
  • Monitoring legislative and executive actions
  • Testifying before legislative committees and regulatory hearings

DMGS’ Pennsylvania Government Affairs professionals put the needs of the client first. Whether playing offense or defense, an organization must count on their government affairs professional to know the key players and understand the political environment.